iPhone Photo Printing



You took a really nice shot with your iPhone or Samsung phone and now you want to print it. We have found the largest size to print from a mobile device without losing image quality will depend on the image. 16” x 20” is common, but some images can go larger without appearing pixelated. Pricing for a print up to that size is only $25. When you send us your file to print - dk@thisisumi.co - make sure you send the original file (as opposed to small, medium, or large.) We need the largest possible file size to guarantee the best quality. Also please mention if you'd like a smooth or matte finish. In most cases we can have it printed and ready for pickup/shipment by the next business day. Quantity discounts are also available, contact us with any questions.

Call us at (310) 998-9188 or email dk@thisisumi.co for pricing information.