Large Format Art Scans


Flat Art Photography

Umico provides art scans and flat art photography. We produce high quality digital reproductions of your fine art, drawings or other flat art.

Our clients include everyone from painters trying to get digital versions of their work to established fine artists who trust us to match subtle colors and textures when reproducing their one of a kind art works. From the original oil painting, watercolor, or photograph, we produce a limited edition of nearly identical reproductions for sale in their galleries. 

We can print one copy, a numbered edition or we can print on demand for artists who do not want the expense and hassle of carrying a large inventory. With no minimum order size, we cater to artists of all stages.

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Umico has the capabilities to scan a piece of artwork up to 48 Megapixels, creating a file up to 150MB. This can capture every detail of your piece which can then be reproduced for editions at extremely high gallery quality.

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