Fine Art Canvas Prints


Giclee prints on canvas come out really beautiful and are easy to hang directly on the wall. We offer canvas stretching with 3/4” walls, 1 1/2” walls, or larger. We also can create mirror walls, gallery wrapped walls, or walls of any color of your choice.

Turnaround for prints can be very quick, and the stretching only takes a few extra days. Contact us to inquire about printing on canvas.


Umico can print on canvas to create beautiful editions or one-of-a-kind prints. We can print up to 44" in one direction and 150' in the other. This can be useful for pieces of art, various graphic designs, signs for shops and restaurants, and a plethora of other uses. 

We have no minimum order size.


Bring in your original art to our Culver City studio and we can scan it for you and create beautiful canvas prints. We work with artists of all different media, including but not limited to paintings, drawings, graphic designs, and creations of all sorts.